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Indian Head & Shoulder Massage Workshop

Learn and Enjoy Indian Head and Shoulder Massage – you will both give and receive massage during each session.

At this Indian Head and Shoulder Massage Workshop you will learn and practice massaging the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms and head.

Developed in India over centuries where massage has been given both in the home and at barbers. This has been expanded to include working on the upper back and is now one of the most popular therapies here in the U.K.

This treatment is given over the clothing with your partner sitting up in a regular chair – so no special equipment or undressing is needed.

Most of the session is spent actually giving or receiving massage, but you will also observe demonstrations, have the opportunity for questions, and learn how to prepare yourself and your partner for a safe, relaxing and fun treatment.

You will receive a handbook with detailed descriptions which will help you remember all the movements.

This workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in massage, and you should be fit enough to stand
for 30 minutes at a time while giving the treatment. You are welcome to attend with a partner but it is not
required to come as a pair.

You will delight your family and friends with this new skill.

Please note that this course is not suitable for practicing professionally.

Date & Times: Sunday 17 September, 1pm to 5pm

Venue: Kingsclere Village Club

Cost: £35

Booking essential. Contact me or book here